Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 16 - 30 Day Food Blog

Monday - Day 1 Detox 8:30am - workout circuit 9:30am - Smoothie with PaleoCleanse - Mike made it so I'm not sure what was in it... I think I tasted banana! 11am - taught senior class 1:30pm - Lunch with Friends from out of town - Grilla Bites- Cup Borscht soup & Large salad from salad bar, lots of veggies, greens and wild salmon. Balsamic vinegar and a dirzzle of olive oil. 4pm - strength training workout 5:30pm - UntraLean Protein smoothie - protein, greens and coconut milk. 8:pm - Dinner at Mom's - veggie stirfry ( kale, chard, celery, yams, zucchini, tempeh) and a handful of pistachios. 10pm- 1 cup coconut milk icecream (NSA) with organic blueberries. Here's what I prepped for the week

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